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Letra de canción al azar

» Bon Jovi - Miracle (Admin - Votos 0) Visitada:498

A penny for your thoughts now baby
looks like the weight of the world's
on your shoulders now
I know you think you're goin crazy
just when it seems everythings
gonna work itself out
they drive you right back down
And you say it ain't fair
that a man walks
whan a bird can fly
we have to kick the ground
the stars kiss the sky
they say that spirits live
a man has to die:
they promised us truth
now they're givin' us lies
Gonna take a miracle to save us this time
and your savior has just left town
gonna need a miracle
cause it's all on the line
and i won't let you down
The river of your hope is floodin'
and i know the dam is bustin
if you need me i'll come runnin
i won't let you down oh no--
You're lookin for salvation
and you thought that it'd be shinin'
like an angel's light
well the angels left this nation-- and salvation
caught the last train
out tonight
(we lost a hell of a fight)
He said
i'm just one man, that's all i'll ever be
i never can be everything you wanted from me
i've got big plans
(so big)
that any blind man could see--
i'm standing in the river
now i'm drownin in the sea
Gonna take a miracle
to save us this time
and your savior has just left town
gonna need a miracle
cause your heart's on the line
and your heartbeats slowin' down
Your feet are grounded still youre reachin for the sky
you can let 'em clip youre wings cause
i believe that you can fly..
Well my eyes have seen the horror
of the coming of the flood
i've driven deep the thorny crown
into the soul of someone's son--
still i look you in the eyes
cause i believe the things i've thought
and i'll die without regret
for the wars that i have fought
Gonna take a miracle
to save you this time
and your savior has just left town
gonna need a miracle
cause your hearts doin' time
and your conscience is callin you out.....
(conscience callin..)
It ain't all for nothin
life aint written in the sand
i know the tide is comin'
and it's time we made a stand
with a miracle...
Gonna take a miracle..
i need a miracle..
na na na na a miracle

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